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We at Anchor Retrieval Solutions (Chandlers Direct) realise that fitting out a hull from start to finish apart from being a daunting task, can be very demanding on your time and pocket.

Most Manufacturers will have a set of plans which will recommend fixtures and fittings and materials for which to fit out their Boat Kit to a Quality Level that reflects the factory finished craft.

For those who are lucky to be able to purchase a fully fitted out craft direct from the manufacturer or its distributor, do not have to be so concerned about spending huge amounts of time and effort in improving the layout of the craft.

However, if you are fitting out a new boat hull and or kit or renovating an old craft in need of tender loving care, then the procurement of parts and getting them on time can be an unnecessary worry.

We offer a Procurement and Supply service which will be based on your budget and specifications provided so we can ensure you have maximum value for money with no compromise on product quality.

Our Worldwide Preferred Supply Base provides the flexibility for parts and products to be procured via the best economical means worldwide.

We charge a small management fee for your home project which includes the procurement and delivery costs of the parts you require in accordance to your specification.

All we ask is a timing plan for your project and key build stages and we will source and provide a quotation for each stage and all parts and or products will be payable in advance.